Statement jewellery

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE a good necklace. I think a necklace can really make or break an outfit and getting the right one is really important! I’m not a huge fan or collar necklaces or wearing the kitchen sink around my neck on a daily basis, so I usually stick to a small, statement necklace. 

My favourite necklaces at the moment are by a very creative, beautiful jewellery designer called Amy Orpwood, and her necklaces are TO DIE FOR! They come in an array of sumptuous colours, patterns and designs to suit every taste and look incredible as a small statement piece.

I wear her necklaces with pretty much every outfit now, as there’s one to suit every style and every mood. I love wearing the small pendants with a collared shirt to add a vintage style twist and the larger pendants can also double as a brooch if you put a safety pin through the top! Clever, huh? 

AND she also makes matching rings to go with the necklace of your choosing. It’s like heaven when they arrive through the letterbox! 📬

I fully recommend checking out her website at the link added above so you can start enjoying her stunning creations too.


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