My favourite nail polish

I’m a big lover of nail polish, and I always have my nails painted. I don’t know if anyone else is the same, but I hate chipped nail polish! It really grates on me and I think it looks awful, so a long wearing, hardcore nail polish is a huge deal for me! 

I’ve tried tonnes of different brands on the market including all the high street beauty brands like Revlon, 17, Barry M etc and none have come close to my favourite brand Essie. I  only discovered Essie when Boots started selling them as a counter in a majority of their stores. I picked up my first one a year ago and it’s been a love story ever since! I now have quite a collection with a real mixture of colours and it keeps growing as more shades are released each season. 

These bad boys have a perfectly shaped brush that applies the varnish perfectly everytime and won’t overload them leaving you with the dreaded gloopy mess! Shades come in metallic, sheer, solid colour and top coats with shimmer in them. 

I’m a huge fan! How about you? 


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