Homemade Berry Compote

Today I tried my hand at making my own berry compote. I made waffles for my whole family with fruit, nuts and yogurt, but had some leftover strawberries and blueberries that needed using. SO, I got experimental and the result was pretty amazing actually!

I cut the strawberries into small sections and put them in a lightly oiled pan with the blueberries. I simmered them for a few seconds on a medium heat, stirring constantly to soften them up. I then added 4 tablespoons of pure orange juice and mixed it in.


Stirring often, I simmered for a further 3 minutes until the fruit started to go mushy and I squished it lightly with the back of the wooden spoon to make it less lumpy. I continued to stir, and lowered the heat to low.


Before removing from the heat, I added a small teaspoon of ground cinnamon to flavour and mixed in thoroughly. Then I removed it from the heat and allowed to cool ready to eat with my yummy waffles!



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