Makeup brushes 

I’m not one for buying new makeup brushes very often, I prefer to get quality brushes that last longer and clean them regularly to keep them in good condition. But, alas I finally decided to invest in new ones this week but this time I have made the decision to get them all from the same brand. 

Now, it doesn’t sound like such a hard thing to  achieve, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of brands and styles I went through before I settled on my new brushes. There’s so many low quality brands out there, which seem like great value but when the brushes arrive, they often fall apart when washed and the bristles aren’t teathered properly resulting in bad application. 

I found the Real Teachniques brushes in Boots by chance while I was getting my essentials, and thought I’d have a read up on them. People were raving about them through Amazon reviews and on their website, and I found a great deal on them through Amazon, so I went for it! And honestly, It was a great decision! The brushes are lovely! They’re soft, strong and they work so well!

I got the Core Collection with base perfecting brushes and the Starter Kit with the basic eye brushes. Based on how good these brushes have been, I think I will be investing in the powder brush this week too. 



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