Bikini picks 

The sun is out today in London and it’s BEAUTIFUL! ☀️ It’s getting me so excited for my summer holiday In Cyprus and spending whole days just chilling out In a bikini. 

About a month ago I had the sudden realisation that I have to get a good bikini since I’ll be wearing it as daywear for 7 days straight, then the panic set in! I decided that this year I was going to bypass my usual choice of a high waited bikini (I have IBS and get very concious of bloating) and a padded top (to make my boobs look bigger, obviously) and go straight for a soft, hipster bikini style and go natural. I haven’t got the best body, it could use some work, but I’m proud of my curves and I want to show that off 👍

I don’t know about you, but I have realllllly struggled to find bikinis I really loved this year. I have bought so many different brands and ended up sending them back because they just don’t look right or they’re uncomfortable blah blah blah. The usual bikini shopping obstacles. But I managed to find 3 that I fell in love with. 

Urban Outfitters ended up taking the crown for my bikini choices this year as I bought 2 of their 2015 selection, and probably would have bought more if I was going away for longer! Their collection is so versatile and they have some beautiful complimentary prints and colours available, most available to mix and match which is a life saver, and have different cuts and styles to suit any shape. 

I opted for the “Somedays Lovin” concession crochet string bikini because I just loved the style and how different it looked. It wasn’t cheap, but was definitely worth it because I feel FABULOUS in it and it looks incredible. It also has little structured pads in the cups which gives you a subtle lift. Unlike other crochet bikinis, it is fully lined too, so no embarrassing see through moments.

My second Urban Outfitters buy was a black string bikini with a gold embroidered arrow print which I chose on a shopping trip out and have loved it since. It’s simple, sexy and easy to wear.

Finally, I got a Figleaves “Sophina” nautical bikini with rope style lace up front top and a wide band hipster bottom which actually hides a lot of my bloating (SCORE!! 💪) due to its slightly higher rise and the wide band at the top. The top is lightly padded and gives a subtle lift and creates a beautiful natural shape with no uncomfortable boning. Again, it makes me feel so good about my body so it’s a clear favourite!! It also comes in a full one piece swimsuit. 

I cannot wait to get into these badboys and strut my stuff on the beach, because any body that is worn with confidence is always beach ready ✌️



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