The perils of being a glasses wearer

If any of you are like me and have to wear glasses full time, you’ll understand the daily problems we go through all in the name of being able to see.

  1. First of all, glasses seem to be a magnet for dirt. I spend what feels like half of my life cleaning my glasses because I can’t see through the dirt that’s accumulated on the lenses from just walking from one room to another. It also seems like there’s a constant finger print on them even though I don’t remember touching them, then I remember I knocked them off my face while I was trying to itch my eye… Standard.
  2. Then there’s the expense! Glasses cost a bomb and if you break them, scratch them or lose them, you have to pay out for them all over again! It’s shocking.
  3. Sunglasses are an issue in the Summer. There are some gorgeous prescription sunglasses out there that I would love to get, but again, they are SO EXPENSIVE. I lose my sunglasses constantly and end up scratching them because I’ve taken them off to go swimming or something (and I’ve lost them in the sea more than once) so it’s really not worth me paying £150 for something I will basically lose. So my only hope is reaction lenses, which are a pain in the butt a lot of the time, OR, just buy cheap sunglasses and be poorly sighted all holiday… I think I can do that?
  4. Makeup. You probably know this all too well as a fellow glasses wearer, but makeup is a bit of a nightmare at times. Luckily my eyes aren’t too bad so I can see quite well to do my makeup, but glasses can change the way your makeup looks because of reflective coating on the lenses and the colour of the frame. I find my eyes look less impacting when my glasses are on because of the blue reflective coating on my lenses, so I have to wear more eye makeup to counter it. And there’s always the issue with the shadows caused by the frame making even the most well rested person look tired. Highlighter is your best friend!
  5. The instant blindness that occurs when walking from cold to warm and while drinking hot drinks. Cloudy lenses are a Bain of my life! 

But for all the annoying little things that come with being a glasses wearer, I am still proud to be one. I think my glasses are now a part of me and I love the fact I can change my look entirely just from changing my glasses style. Plus, they make my vision better, which is really the whole point, right? 👓



5 thoughts on “The perils of being a glasses wearer

  1. I’ve been a glasses wearer almost all my life so I know these problems well. Prescription lenses even cost me a job interview because the employer didn’t like the idea of not seeing my eyes straight away. My solution is to not wear almost any eye makeup and wear lashings of lipstick

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