Another weekend over

So another week is about to start, and the Monday morning blues are kicking in already, a feeling that most of us are all too familiar with. But luckily I’ve had a lovely weekend to keep me positive for the week ahead.

I had a night out with my girl friends in London, enjoying cocktails, good conversation and of course, throwing some serious shapes on the dancefloor! I think it’s so important to just let loose and enjoy the moment, and my friends are as mad as me, so we just have fun! I’m extremely lucky to have them in my life. Saturday night I went out in London again, enjoying Prosecco in the beautiful sunshine at Green Park (if you haven’t been, you should, it’s lovely there!) then out for drinks with wonderful company. Then today I headed to a family BBQ, eating tonnes of incredible food, and catching up with family. After dinner I went for a walk along the beach, skimming stones and searching for shells while I took in the last of the sunshine. 


I adore the beach and really wish I lived closer to the coast just so I could enjoy it more often. It really chills me out to just sit and watch the waves crash and hear the seagulls flying around. If you want to clear your head and combat stress, head to the beach, it really works and it’s way cheaper than a therapist haha!!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and are starting this new week feeling good, because life is short, and the weekends are shorter! ☀️


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