My favourite product of the moment 

We all have that product that you use and think “OH MY GOD I’VE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL!” And recently I did just that. 

I’d heard great things about coconut oil as a moisturiser, so I’ve been using it as that. I then started to use it to remove makeup and, honestly,  it’s THE best makeup remover I’ve ever used! It’s gentle, all natural and takes off every scrap of makeup with one sweep. I couldn’t believe it! 

Now I suffer from problem skin around my chin and I was worried an oil might make it worse, but it has done the complete opposite. My skin is now better than it has been in years. It’s all down the natural antibacterial action of coconut oil and it’s super healing properties. My skin is soft, smooth and glowy now, no exaggeration.

Coconut oil is also great used as a deep conditioning treatment on your hair too. Just apply it to the lengths of your hair, wrap in a towel and leave for as long as you like, then wash out as normal. Your hair is left silky, shiny and smelling incredible. Give it a go! 

And it’s so cheap to buy!! I got this huge jar from my local supermarket for £2 and it will last me months. 

If you haven’t already, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. 



4 thoughts on “My favourite product of the moment 

  1. I’m been using coconut oil for many things for the past couple of years, I’m well and truly addicted. I can’t use any oil on my hair but I use it in recipes for deodorant, body scrub, mix it in with my moisturiser, loads of different things. Oil should be used for the face because all of those commercial face washes are full of chemicals and alcohol that strip away your skins natural oils so the sebum glands make more and your face ends up oily. Coconut oil is a wonder product

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    1. It really is incredible stuff! I just read that you can use it as a toothpaste if you mix it with bicarbonate of soda, and it acts as a natural, gentle tooth whitener. I’m going to give that a shot 👍
      I also found some home made deodorant recipes so I’m going to try that. Do you know any good mixtures?


      1. You can do but bicarb is abrasive so I wouldn’t recommend using it for your teeth. For my deodorant, I mix a tub of coconut oil with a tub of bicarb and a few splashes of tea tree oil and put it into a jar. Moisturising, odour killing and anti bacterial. Just perfect. I can’t recommend it more

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