One of my favourite shops

Everyone has their favourite “go to” shops when they’re looking for a new outfit for an event or just for everyday styling. Most people will say the main high street stores (me included!), but I always check out my old faithful, Collectif, before making a decision. 

Collectif is a vintage style fashion brand, specialising in revamped 40’s and 50’s style clothing and accessories. They have everything you need to create a beautiful vintage inspired look with a modern twist including clothing, handbags, swimwear, jewellery and hosiery to make even the most modern woman look like a 50’s starlet!

Recently they joined forces with Miss L Fire, the quirky and fun shoe brand with a stunning collection of summer sandals, classic courts and vintage inspired boots. They compliment the clothing effortlessly and are a great match for the rockabilly style Collectif are famous for. These gorgeous shoes are only available at the Collectif shops though, mainly the Spitalfields shop in London. Check out the collection at the link below.

I have shopped at Collectif for a few years now, and they never disappoint me with their style, quality and value. Granted, the prices are slightly more than a standard high street store, but I fully believe you get what you pay for, and the tailoring in these garments is just incredible. I always feel fabulous in their clothes because they create the curves and contours I want and always feel comfortable. 

These are my top picks from their current Summer collection:

There is a real focus on creating beautiful feminine shapes with a cool, effortless look in this collection, and I absolutely adore the seaside and summer picnic themes shown throughout. It has a great summery vibe and makes me really excited for eating ice cream at the beach, cute picnics at the park and long walks in the countryside. 

If you check out their site, or one of their AMAZING shops (the staff are incredibly helpful and super nice) I’m almost certain you’ll fall in love too and become a Collectif girl like me. 

Happy shopping!



3 thoughts on “One of my favourite shops

      1. I went to the most recent one and got a beach dress for £5 and a lace sleeve dress for £2. Even the cashier didn’t understand why the price was so low. I think it was because it might have been the last one left and the lace was frayed and the buttons had fallen off but it was an absolute bargain and I got a set of new buttons for £1 sewed them on and got an occasion dress for next to nothing. I posted a pic on here

        #Collectif #sewing #repair

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