My makeup story

I remember my first experience with makeup very well. It was watching my mum put her makeup on for work when I was 6 years old,  and I remember being absolutely in love with her bronze, two-tone lipstick (it was the early 90’s mind you) and wishing I could own a lipstick just like it one day. I remember she once let me put it on and I felt so incredibly excited that I was wearing makeup and looked like my mum.

After a few years of pinching my mums makeup and playing dress up in secret, I got my first makeup set from my uncle for Christmas when I was 12. I was so excited to try all the different eyeshadow’s and lipsticks in the tray inside the makeup box. It was only a cheap, starter makeup kit but I loved it! I only wore makeup at home though, I was quite a tomboy outside of the house, favouring climbing tree’s over wearing pretty dresses. But behind closed doors, I was experimenting with shading, eyeliner and using colour.

At 14 I started to wear makeup every day for school. Mind you it was only a slick of cream eyeshadow I got from my mum for my last birthday and lipgloss. I remember watching the Holly Valance “Kiss Kiss” music video and becoming obsessed with lipgloss because of her gorgeous glossy pout. I ran to my local Superdrug with my pocket money and bought the original Collection 2000 clear lipgloss which was like liquid glass for your lips and I was totally obsessed with it!

After that I started to visit my local Boots and Superdrugs stores regularly and invested my pocket money on Mascara, blusher and lipsticks. I didn’t actually start wearing Foundation until I was around 17/18 because I was lucky and had really good skin as a teenager and rarely needed cover. I got into the “Alternative” group at school at around 16 and started to wear black eyeliner quite often as it was the standard thing for us, being the Rocker kids haha.

Since then, my love of makeup has continued to grow and progress, I taught myself how to contour, create a fabulous feline flick and perfect a red pout all from practise in my bedroom mirror. The classic flick has now become my staple and I always slick on a red lip when I’m off out.

My makeup collection is now pretty extensive and I buy a range of different products including budget buys from the drugstore brands and some high end makeup brands too. I like to mix it up and change things every now and then to keep things fresh, either by trying a new release or just changing my lipstick shade with the seasons. Walking into a department store beauty hall is like walking into a sweet shop and I pretty much lose my mind over the beautiful packaging, colours and scents. I could spend hours just browsing the aisles looking at makeup.

I dread to think how much I have spent on makeup in the last few years, but I enjoy it so much because of the way it makes me feel. I have had some real disaster products that have been a massive waste of money, but also some incredible buys that have become staples in my makeup bag for years. Finding those little gems that eventually  become classics makes all the trawling through bad products worthwhile in the end. I just love how I can change my entire look with a slight lipstick change, a pop of blush or a little bit of mascara, and that is pretty fabulous.

Mind you, for all the make up I buy, I never wear a lot, I prefer to stick to a subtle natural looking style and just play up one feature at a time. My favourite look is the classic 50’s red lip and feline flick, and it’s a style I always come back to because it just works so well. But I do like to experiment with colour, different textures and styles. I find inspiration through magazines but mostly like to create looks myself and find out what works for me.

My love of makeup and my experience with products is what made me want to start this Blog, so I could share the makeup I love and help out other women looking for new products that will work for them, without them having to foot the bill! What better way to use my makeup addiction?



4 thoughts on “My makeup story

  1. I remember that music video so well. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I went to 6th form (bar on occasions) so when I got there, I had been so used not wearing it that I barely wear any now. I did dabble in blue eyeshadow for a while but because my eyes are so sensitive, I gave up on it. Occasionally now I wear an eye shadow for a short amount of time but eyeliner and mascara are my nemesis.Never worn foundation or blusher because I have no idea how to use it but I’m not bothered, I’ve got rosy cheeks anyway and good skin. I just have to stick to lipstick. Once I discovered red lipstick (which I was longing for for a while), the gates opened and I became a lipstick fiend. I’ve now branched into other colours but red will forever be my love and has become my staple, there’s nothing better to complete an outfit

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