Cleaning brushes

Today it’s make up brush cleaning day! I try to do this at least once a fortnight as brushes accumulate lots of product, bacteria and dust daily. This build up of nastiness can end up causing skin problems and poorly applied makeup if not cleaned regularly. 

Cleaning them is a doddle though and can be done very quickly and easily. I tend to use baby shampoo or baby wash to clean my brushes as it’s very gentle and doesn’t leave product all over the brushes natural fibres. You have to treat your brushes like you would a babies hair. They’re delicate and need to be treated with care, otherwise you risk them falling apart and being useless.

I have a wide range of brushes but these are the ones that needed a clean today as I have used them the most in the last week or so. I start by putting warm water into the sink, about 3 inches deep and pump in a few drops of baby shampoo to create a foamy bath. 


I pop all the brushes in (though I keep the eyeliner brushes separate as they are more difficult to clean and usually hold ALOT more product, so they get washed alone) and give them a quick dunk in the water. I put a little bit of the shampoo into my balm and individually swirl the brushes against my palm clockwise and anticlockwise to release the product caught between the bristles. Once I’ve done this to all the brushes, I empty the sink and refill it with clean water and rinse the brushes out.

Before I leave them to dry, I flick the brushes into the bath to remove excess water from them and to leave them fluffy when they dry, then I place them on a folded towel and leave them on a flat surface to dry. 

It’s that simple! I also recommend a daily antibacterial brush spray to keep them clean between washes, try this Revolution hygiene spray RRP £5 from most drugstores.



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