Revlon ultra HD lipstick review

I love Revlon lipsticks. I have been HUGE fan of the Super Lustrous, Colour burst balm crayons and Colour Burst butter shine lipsticks for a while and have several colours and different textures of each. So I was very keen to give this new offering a try and see if it measured up to my favourites.

I purchased the lipstick in 2 shades, Hydranger (a corally red colour with a poppy orange undertone), and Rose (a soft pink with nude undertones)

I tried out the Hydranger shade today because I was going out for Father’s Day and fancied a pop of colour to reflect the good weather. 


The formulation is very smooth and moisturising, more like a balm than a lipstick. It is very similar to the Buttershine lipstick in texture, but less glossy and more soft instead. 

The positives – The colour was punchy, but not too bright or OTT which was nice, and gave a really subtle sheen. It’s definitely great for if you like bright colours but want to tone it down for the daytime. I found the ultra moisturising formulation really lovely too as I suffer from chapped lips quite often and not having to put a balm on underneath was really nice.

The negatives – I couldn’t find a lot wrong with this lipstick other than it fraying at the edges a bit and the longevity of wear due to the balm-like nature. 

Overall, I think it’s pretty great as an everyday lipstick, but I don’t think it would work for evening makeup as the colour doesn’t last very long and it is prone to smudging. 


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