Fake cosmetics

We all know that feeling when you see a new makeup product you really love, but you can’t justify spending that much money on it. So we browse online to try and find the products at a discounted rate. 

The first sites to pop up are always Ebay and Amazon, offering heavily discounted products from brands such as Benefit, Mac and Nars. The listings all look very authentic and you’d be easily fooled by them promising “Authenticity guarantee”. However, I have discovered the hard way that these sellers sometimes sell fakes. 

I recently bought a new MAC Russian Red lipstick from a seller on ebay because I had tried it instore and loved the rich red colour and texture but couldn’t afford to buy it that day, and they were selling it for £9.99. That should have been enough to make alarm bells ring, but I would hope that people can be trusted and wouldn’t sell fakes as authentic through a huge site like Ebay. But as I took the lipstick out of the padded envelope and twisted it out of the cap in excitement, I noticed it didn’t look like the Russian Red I had tried. It was a rich red as it should be, but looked wrong. I put it on and instantly knew it was a fake. The colour came out like a sheer balm not a rich, ruby red like It was when I tested it. 

This is becoming more and more of an issue online, and some of these fake products contain dangerous chemicals and substances that can cause skin complaints and allergic reactions. 

I’m by no means saying all sellers on these sites are selling fakes. There are tonnes of legitimate sellers operating through them selling real Authentic cosmetics, but the select few are making it harder for these sellers to be trusted. If you intend to buy from these sites, just check the feedback of the sellers first to make sure they don’t have any negative feedback referring to fake cosmetics. Also check where the item is coming from, because a lot of cosmetics coming from Asia at massive discounts are fake. 

It may be more expensive but, it’s probably safer to get the products direct from a reputable retailer, even if they’re pricier, just to be sure you have the real deal.

Be aware and be safe ✌️ 


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