If you’ve read my other blog posts, you’ll probably know by now that I wear glasses full time. Now In the summer, on holiday especially, this can be a reaaaaaal pain in the butt! Prescription sunglasses are SO EXPENSIVE and if you lose sunglasses as much as I do, it can end up costing a fortune. I could have reactive lenses put in to change colour in  UV light, but again they are expensive and can be a real pain in the neck when you’re in and out and shops.

So, I decided to get normal sunglasses for my holiday, and just wear my glasses in the evening. Luckily for me, I can see pretty well without my glasses, but I do struggle with eye strain, so I will just have to percevere and hope for the best 👍 so here’s the glasses I chose for my holiday…

River Island tortoise cat eye glasses £13

Aldo reflective blonde tortoise shell glasses £10

Aldo Coral and Tortoise shell 50’s style glasses £10

River Island black metal rounded glasses £10


I think I’m fully holiday ready with this gorgeous selection! 😎 


9 thoughts on “Sunglasses

    1. I’ll get there eventually too hun, so I’m enjoying it while I can haha!! There are some gorgeous prescription sunglasses out there though, it’s just a shame they’re so pricey xx


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