Holiday prep, essentials

I go on holiday to Cyprus in 6 days time, and have already started prepping for packing. I’m one of those annoying people that’s really organised and likes to get things done with plenty of time to spare. I just hate that night before rush, getting all flustered and stressed out because I forgot something, I can’t find something or I have too much stuff. So I make sure I’ve got everything covered a few days before so that on the day, I have no worries, just  the excitement of holiday!

So I’ve decided to share with you my holiday countdown and show you how I prepare my packing. 

First up, I’ve organised my “Essentials” to make sure I have everything I need.  


I have to be resourceful due to baggage allowance so have downsized a lot of my favourite products. The mini Batiste cans are super handy for holidays and I have also chosen mini versions of my favourite coconut milk shampoo and conditioner too. It’s great for dry, sun frazzled hair and smells GORGEOUS! Speaking of hair, the Charles Worthington aftersun hair shot is great for if you’ve been on the beach all day. I have also added kirby grips because they are a necessity in my eyes. 


Obviously sunscreen is essential on a holiday, and I use Piz Buin because it helps me with my heat rash and gives you a beautiful tan with top notch protection. I use factor 30 sunscreen, lip balm and the aftersun. I have also opted to use Bare Minerals powder Sunscreen this year as its protective, light and has a light tint so can be used as a replacement to foundation in the daytime. 


I have used an empty Lush pot to take some coconut oil with me as It’s now an essential product in my routine, and along with that, a small pot of “Angels on bare skin” which is the holy grail of face and body cleansers in my opinion. I have also included my Liz Earle cleanse and polish in a small squeezy bottle for light packing. I use coconut oil as a moisturiser most of the time, but have also packed a small bottle of Simple moisturiser as its classic and so good under makeup. The boots SkinClear papers are fantastic for drying up excess oil on the skin throughout the day so you don’t get that greasy look while you’re out and about.

Other essentials

Including a mini toothpaste, fold away toothbrush, razors and blister plasters. I also pack anthisan for those mosquito bites that are so hard to avoid. My glass nail file is a definite in this kit too and also my Michum antiperspirant which works wonders on hot days. I will also be taking a mini first aid kit with essential medicines, just incase! 

I have everything I need in this little bundle and more than enough to keep me going all holiday. Do you use any of these products or could you recommend anything else I should be taking? 
Thanks for reading! ✌️


2 thoughts on “Holiday prep, essentials

  1. I use empty Clinique tubs to put my coconut oil and deodorant in too. For a short holiday I use whatever I can find there or take travel bottles of anything because I use Avalon Organics with a hair rinse and that is way too much effort to take it with me so my hair suffers briefly while I’m on a short trip

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