Benefit Brow Zing review

Yesterday I finally bought Benefit’s best selling “Brow Zing” brow filler. This brow palette is the best selling brow product in the UK for the last 5 years, so I’m expecting good things!

I’ve been contemplating buying this for ages as I have used the same eyelure brow pencil for months (which I love, mind you) and wanted something a bit different and more bold for going out. 

I love Benefit cosmetics, and use a lot of different things they offer on a daily basis, but I am by no means biased as I have had some disasters with their older products, like the Bad Gal lash mascara which left me with panda eyes after an hour and clumpy lashes. Not hot. So I’m going to give this new product a very honest review. 

So first things first, the packaging. I actually love the packaging, as I do most Benefit products, because it’s very retro looking and effortlessly cool. The compact itself is sleek, simple and tough to keep the products inside safe.
Inside the case there is an eyebrow wax, filling powder and 3 tools. I love that there is a firm angled brush, a powder brush and a tiny pair of tweezers. It has all bases covered in regards to keeping your eyebrows in check. As well as these tools, there’s also an eyebrow guide included so you can get the best out of your brows easily. The wax is tinted so gives you a good shape and holds the hairs to stop them straying away as sometimes happens, then you just brush the powder on after to seal it and fill in the gaps and VOILA! It’s like brows In a box!

I have naturally dark eyebrows so went for the Dark shade, which actually looks really good. I have shown the difference in my brows before and after application below. 
All-in-all, I love this product! It’s soooo easy and simple to use, compact and creates a great look. I wore this all day through the hottest day in the UK for 10 years and it didn’t smudge, bleed or rub off either. Very impressive!!  I don’t think it’s one for everyday use as it is quite bold but for when you want to create bold, punchy brows, this is definitely a superb option.


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