Holiday prep, hand luggage

Hand luggage is essential for any girl going on holiday. We need instant access to the things we need most and having a great handbag for that is always a must.

I just packed my handbag ready for my flight tomorrow and put in only the necessary things as I hate lugging around a heavy bag in the airport. 

So the normal holiday stuff applies like passport, boarding passes and currency. I have also included essentials like my hairbrush, Nivea hand cream, REN lipbalm and compact mirror. I absolutely love my MAC lipstick in Twig at the moment so that is travelling with me for touch ups before landing. Of course I have also included my headphones and Kindle Fire for inflight entertainment too. I have downloaded a few books recommended by fellow blogger “The solo book club” (check her out for great book ideas and honest reviews at and also a couple of films. My iPhone will be joining me as always along with an extensive music library so I can chill out in the sun with my favourite tunes. I also found my Paperchase pen in my bag and decided to keep it there just in case. 

So I’m fully ready to rock now! All that’s left is to get myself ready in the morning then I’m off to sunny Cyprus ✌️ 


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