Trousers vs Skinny Jeans

I flew back to England last night, and at the airport in Cyprus I saw a girl wearing the most beautiful stripey tapered trousers. I HAD to know where they were from, and I HAD to have them. My friend kindly asked her where they were from and hearing “Topshop” was like music to my ears. 

Anyway, the point is, recently I’ve been loving trousers over jeans. I’m sure everyone has heard the warnings about skinny jeans recently, and that be honest, I don’t find them very comfortable anyway. They look nice, but they are a bit of a pain when it’s warm outside, and we’ve all struggled with the little indentation you get in your skin from the leg seam.So I’ve been investing in some amazing trousers recently that should carry me through Summer and Autumn effortlessly and hopefully replace my skinny jeans. The great part about trousers is that they can be smart or casual and are much better for your body than super tight skinny jeans. I won’t be throwing out my skinnies though, I’m just going to try a “skinnies strike” and see how I get on.


I bought 2 pairs of tapered trousers from Topshop, so I can wear them as a replacement to skinny jeans. They are well tailored and look great whether they are teamed with a T-shirt or a shirt. I also invested in a pair of wide leg trousers because they literally never go out of fashion and are really simple to wear in every season. I bought this gorgeous pair from Zara’s autumn 2015 range because of their gorgeous print and mix of beautiful colours. I will team these trousers with a vest and sandals in the summer and ankle boots, a jumper and fitted leather jacket in the winter. Finally, I bought a pair of tailored Culouttes I’ve been eyeing up in Urban outfitters for ages. They are quite thick and heavy but sit beautifully on your body. I intend to wear these for work with a white shirt and with t-shirt outside work. 

I wonder how long I can hold out before I reach for the skinnies again… 



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