Right now I’m loving…

I recently bought some PawPaw original balm after hearing fabulous things about its superb moisturising and multipurpose properties. I have loads of lip balms due to suffering from dry lips on a constant basis due to aircon and heating, and this balm has been hailed as one of the best on the market. In all honesty, I have to agree!

I got 3 varieties as I found a really great deal online for all 3. I got the original PawPaw multipurpose soothing balm, and also the red and pink tinted varieties now on offer. The original balm is superb for use as a lip balm under lipstick or on its own, and works wonders for dry elbows, hands and for taming unruly brows. I also found it works really well as a cuticle cream. The tinted varieties are just as useful, giving you a very subtle, sheer colour. These can be used on lips or cheeks to give a subtle hint of colour and a light “just been kissed” sheen. The pink shade really suits fair skin tones and gives a warmth to cheeks with only the tiniest amount. There’s loads in the tubes and the packaging is just gorgeous! I now carry one everywhere with me, just incase. RRP £6.95 each

(By the way, I did eat the sweets after I took the photo 😝)


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