Tangle Teaser Aqua splash review

Evening all! I had a lovely delivery from Amazon today in the form of a Tangle Teaser Aqua. It’s the bestselling tangle teaser brush, but specially designed to be used on wet hair and in water. I, like many others, struggle with tangled hair when it’s wet. I don’t know what happens, but my hair feels awesome when I wash it then it’s just a tangled mess when it comes to blow drying. Putting a comb or standard hair brush through that is enough to make any girl lose her cool, so I invested in one of these little bad boys.

So this is the lovely little brush in question. The packaging is pretty standard, but I’m not worried about that, I want to get inside it and use the goods! Thankfully tonight was hair wash night so I got to see it in action. 

So the brush itself is like a tube shape with a completely hollow middle. This is so it doesn’t hold onto water and you can put your hand inside it while it’s wet to get a good hold of it. The bristles are soft plastic and bend easily but are still very strong. I chose the black one because I have a thing for monochrome, but you can get this in blue, green, pink and black. 

Anywho, I used it this even after washing and towel drying my hair. I was preparing for the worst as I usually do when I spot a brush after washing my hair, but was very pleasantly surprised when the bristles pulled through my hair with no effort at all. It was like a knife through hot butter… I was astounded! It took me 30 seconds to brush my hair through and when I blow dried it, it felt super smooth and looked really sleek. 

I’m so impressed by this little brush, and so pleased I bought it! I can’t find any downsides to it either, especially as it only cost £8.95 on Amazon! I fully recommend it to anyone, get it or regret it! 


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