Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick review

As you’re probably aware by now, I love lipstick, and I’m always looking for a new one to try out. 

I’ve seen other bloggers and vloggers (including the Queen Bee herself, Zoella ❤️) rave about this lipstick and it’s amazing staying power at such a bargain price. So, naturally I decided to give it a go for myself and see how I got on with it since I’m a huge fan of a classic red lip. I popped to Boots after work and bagged one, then hurried home to give it a try. 

Kate Moss For Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick in shade 107 – £5.49 from Boots (picture from Google, not my own!)

I was so excited to try this, It was like being 15 again. I was going out that night so decided to rock my new lipstick and see how it went. I loved the colour of the lipstick in the tube. It’s a deep ruby red shade with blue undertones which is great for making teeth look whiter. I put it on straight from the tube as I don’t rate lip brushes, blotted and reapplied as usual. The texture was very matte, but still very easy to apply, and it created a very bold colour immediately. I loved the way it looked once it was on as the colour was bold, rich and classy looking. HOWEVER, that is where the positivity ended. I left the house and went out to the pub to meet my friends, and by the time I got there and got my first drink, the colour was fraying and my lips felt quite dry. I thought nothing of it and just applied a little bit more in my compact mirror and carried on. But I then noticed that if you apply more over the top, it kind of lumps and accentuates the dryness more. So I wiped it off, applied lip balm and reapplied over the top, which helped for a while but I found I had to keep putting it back on as it was coming off so much, especially in the centre of my lips. 

Don’t get me wrong, I did love the colour and the impact of the lipstick, but I think the formula is just a bit too matte for me and I struggled to keep it on. It’s a cheap and cheerful lipstick, so I wasn’t expecting 12 hour wear or a super duper formulation but I do feel as though the hype set me up for a fall. I would recommend it for someone who doesn’t struggle with dry lips, or anyone looking for something cheap with a great colour.  Just remember to keep your lip balm handy! 


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