Product of the week

It’s that time again! Product of the week is upon us, and this week I have chosen a hair product… Unusual! 

So I’ve been using this for the past couple of weeks and have been LOVING IT! I had my hair dip dyed and since then have been struggling with dry ends. I have quite frizzy hair generally, which reacts to humidity very easily so I’m often looking for a product that will help with that, and I found it. 

OGX coconut water hydrating oil spray – £4.50 from Boots

I already use the OGX coconut shampoo and conditioner and love them. I have used them for the past 6 months and have really liked the results they give. However, as the ends of my hair get so dry due to my dip dye, I need something else to keep them hydrated, so I gave this a whirl. It is FANTASTIC. For one thing is smells incredible. It is a sweet, light coconut scent that lingers just enough without knocking you backwards with perfume. The product itself does exactly what it says too. A quick spritz on the ends of my hair when they feel a little bit dry gives them just enough moisture and makes the lengths look really shiny and healthy. It also tames flyaway sand acts like a barrier against dreaded humidity giving you a mini-fro on your lunch break. It only requires a light spritz so you don’t have to use too much, which is great! But it’s so nice when you swish your hair and smell that lovely light coconut scent. I carry this on my handbag most days now, just incase I need a little spruce up! 

It’s cheap, cheerful and bloody brilliant! I highly recommend. 


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