Drugstore vs high end

I’m starting a new feature where I will be trying to find drugstore versions of favourite high end products. There’s tonnes of drugstore brands that claim their products can match, or even beat the high end options, and I love a bargain so this will be fun!!

I will be uploading a new drugstore comparison once a week for you to check out, so hopefully we can all save a lot of money without compromising on quality.

Today I chose to compare 2 MAC eyeshadows in very popular shades Patina and Satin Taupe (RRP £13 each) with a pretty amazing offering from Revolution cosmetics in the form of the Redemption palette in shade Iconic 3 (RRP £4).


The shades chosen look incredibly similar in the packaging.

I was excited to see if the Revolution eyeshadows would be up to standard since they are such a bargain at £4. Upon searching the 2 against eachother, I was GOBSMACKED! Try and guess which ones were MAC and which ones were Revolution.

… Give up? Well the bottom 2 are in fact Revolution and the top 2 are MAC’s iconic shadows. I noticed that when the shadows are on, they look slightly different to how they do in the case. The Revolution eyeshadows have a more red toned hue than is seen in the actual palette. The MAC shadows are pretty true to shade but don’t look as intense. I love the subtle shimmer and the smoothness of the MAC shadows but I think the Revolution palette has absolutely blown them out of the water in regards to value. Getting that much pigmentation and depth of colour from such a cheap shadow is amazing! I fully recommend it! Plus, you get a WHOLE PALETTE of colours for less than half the price of one MAC shadow. That’s a no-brained, and I have ordered 3 more Revolution palettes to try.

Get yours here:



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