Right now I’m lusting over

We all have that one item we’ve been lusting after for months, but know we can’t afford. We go back to it day after day just checking if somehow the heavens have heard your plight and it has been reduced by 50%, but that never happens. Then you end up seeing it everywhere because your browser has saved the site and every advert on Facebook, MSN and Google now screams “BUY ME”. It’s a little bit soul destroying in a way. 

At the moment the object of my affections is a leather jacket that is so classically cool and beautiful that I just want to wear it every day of my life. I love a classic black leather jacket, and wear one pretty much all the time. Throughout the winter, a classic leather is my go-to item and goes over everything from cute dresses to a strappy evening dress. However, finding the right one is a long process and I’m always on the lookout for “the one”. The One will be super soft, fit like a glove and last a lifetime (well almost). I found this in a Bodaskins jacket. 

Bodaskins says: 

Boda Skins is truly a labor of love: we wear our hearts on our sleeves, taking care to ensure that each piece fully captures the beauty that is Boda. More than just a reflection of the current style, Boda represents a lifestyle, a philosophy of luxury without limits. We view Boda as an extension of ourselves, a second skin, an outward statement of the beauty within.

And their reviews seem to agree. Customers are over joyed with the quality, craftsmanship and pure luxury of their Boda leathers and happily share the life of their new Boda jacket through the brands Instagram account. 

Now, these jackets are not cheap (sadly), but that is to be expected from premium hand sewn leather garments. This specific jackets  will set you back £299, but I wonder if I can justify it with price-per-wear since it will see me through many years… I think I need to start saving… 💷


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