Product of the week.

Another favourite product! This is one for the makeup bag hall of fame. I love it so much Infact that I had to use a picture from the website because my one is like a little stub now, I use it that much! 

So this week I chose my favourite eyeliner from the legendary Charlotte Tilbury. 

Charlotte Tilbury Rock’n’kohl iconic liquid eyeliner pencil in “Barbarella Brown – £19

Let’s start by saying that this is definitely not a drugstore product. It is pricey, but trust me when I say it’s totally worth every penny! I’ve been a slave to liquid eyeliner for the longest time, as I love to rock a classic feline flick on a regular basis. I have always stuck to my guns and used liquid liners as every pencil I tried just dragged on my skin leaving a jagged line and a dry, flakey finish. Not sexy. I tried lots of different pencils from Kohls to crayons and more, but never liked the finish. Then I discovered this one. I bought this along with a lipstick and foundation from Charlotte Tilbury a few months back as I had heard good things about it and thought I’d give it a shot. Now it has become my go-to product. I wear this liner almost every day, I’m not even kidding.

Why so good?

Well, Charlotte Tilbury is the queen when it comes to making a woman look her best effortlessly, and she has put her expertise into this liner to create something easy to use, bold and long lasting. I chose Barbarella brown because I wanted something a bit more natural looking for everyday wear. A solid black liner can be quite harsh for everyday makeup, and I like to look fresh, so I thought a brown would tone it down a bit and give me a more natural look. The first time I used it, I fell in love immediately! The formula is so smooth and silky, it genuinely glides on effortlessly with no dragging, pulling or clumping. It’s like putting on a gel liner in a stick. The colour payoff is fabulous and it lasts ALL DAY. No joke, this liner will take you from morning, to evening and through the night if you want it to. Once it’s on, it won’t budge and it stays looking freshly applied all damn day. The only downside is that you have to sharpen it quite often due to the formula being so smooth and it blunting due to this reason. However, I think that’s a very small sacrifice to make for such a fabulous result. I love it so much, Infact, that I’m buying the same pencil in “Bedroom Black” and “Veruschka mink” come payday. 


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