Revolution makeup Haul

You may have spotted me using a Revolution Makeup eyeshadow palette in many of my posts over the last few months, because I genuinely love the palette. So, naturally I decided to try more of their products just to see if they measure up, or if this gorgeous palette was a one-off.

I discovered Revolution Makeup when it was released as a permanent fixture in selected Superdrug stores. I was browsing as I normally do, and my eye was drawn to this gorgeous palette of soft nude shades and metallics. At £4, I wasn’t convinced it would be worth it, but gave it the benefit of the doubt. Now it’s my go-to eyeshadow palette of choice. I even use it over my MAC eye shadows!

So I went into Revolutions’ website for a browse and found tonnes of incredible palettes for rock bottom prices. I stocked up. I bought 4 palettes and 2 lipsticks, totalling just over £30!!

The cases are simple, hard wearing and all contain a big mirror which is a huge bonus.

 I bought the Revolution ULTRA Professional eye palettes in “Flawless” and “Flawless Matte”, the ULTRA blush palette in “Hot Spice”, the ULTRA Contour Palette in “ultra contour”, Revolution Lipsticks in “Fusion” and “Make me tonight”.

Obviously, I have used Revolution eyeshadow before, so I kind of knew what to expect. So I thought. I got 2 jumbo palettes, one with metallic shades and the other in matte shades. I love a neutral colour scheme so I kept it very earthy with the shades I chose. When I opened the matte palette, I couldn’t help but dive straight into the taupe’s and neutral grey tones. There’s so many gorgeous, and ultra wearable shades to choose from, and after swatching them I was totally hooked. They are really smooth, silky and very finely ground. They feel soft and smooth against the skin which is lovely, and they don’t look at all chalky. The colour isn’t especially intense in the matte shades but I would expect this from a natural look matte eyeshadow. Then I opened the metallics palette and pretty much lost my mind. The colours are GORGEOUS! They are really highly pigmented which is rare in such a low priced eyeshadow, and the metallics are soft and shimmery rather than just being full of glitter. I swatched my favourite shades and was blown away by how intense the colours were and how beautifully soft they were on the skin. They’re not at all grainy like some metallic eye shadows, and the amazing array of stunning shades had me going crazy. I have been playing with the colours most of the evening now and I have some firm favourites already. There are some not so great shades, which is standard in a big palette, but the majority are fabulous. Not bad for £8 a palette!

Next up is the blush palette in “Hot Spice”. This palette comes in a variety of colours to suit every skin tone, but I went for this one as I have fair/olive skin and corals work best on me. At first look, these blushers look really intimidating because they are so intensely pigmented that they look a bit scary in the palette. However, when you apply them, they actually come out a lot softer. I have swatched them with my finger tip so the colour looks very deep, but once I tried them out with a brush, they looked AMAZING. The first shade is a dead ringer for the well loved NARS “orgasm” blush. Its a corally pink colour with just a hint of shimmer to add a little bit of a glow. Paired with the marbled highlighter blush, it creates a super sexy flushed look with just a little bit of sheen. I normally wear cream blush or a stain but I’ll be swapping those out for these now. Another hit for only £8!

Contouring has kind of taken a back seat since the strobing trend started up, but this palette has both bases covered effortlessly. I has 3 bronzer shades, 3 neutral blending shades and 2 highlighters. The bronzers are a gorgeous warm tan colour, rather the usual orangey colour contour powders can be. I’m very fair and they still work on my skin, which is unusual. The bronzers are very pigmented though, so a little bit goes a long way, so be sparse. the highlighters are also gorgeous. There’s an intense highlighter which is literally so intense, it almost blinds you, so that would need to be used very lightly. I doubt I would use the intense highlighter though as I think it’s just far too OTT for the face, though it could probably be good as a body shimmer? The other highlighter is much more subtle and soft though, in a lovely champagne shade which is great for fair skin like mine. One of the blending powders also has a light shimmer in a golden colour, so I would use that as a highlighter too, especially if I was strobing. I think these highlighters might kick my favourite High Beam and Moon Beam Benefit highlighters out of my makeup bag, which is INSANE as I adore those and always rave about them. Another absolute bargain at just £8, even if I wouldn’t necessarily use all of the shades.

Finally to the lipsticks. Honestly, I was disappointed with these. I didn’t expect much as they cost £1 each. In the tube they look very intense and moisturising, but once they’re on, you can see tell how cheap they are. The colour is very sheer and patchy and the formula is very synthetic feeling. I didn’t like the scent either, very plastic-like. I do not rate the lipsticks at all, but for £1 I’m not losing out on much.

On the whole, Revolution have NAILED it with the palettes and they have made me really evaluate how much I spend on high end brands that have been outdone hands down by these bargain palettes. I think for the money you spend, these palettes are hitting the ball out of the park, and that’s unusual these days. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more releases from Revolution, and will 100% be getting more eyeshadow palettes in the future.



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