Lush Haul

I love Lush, not just for the amazing scents, gorgeous products and all round natural goodness; but for the ethic of Lush too. It’s becoming more common for beauty brands to shun animal testing now as we all know it’s barbaric and totally unnecessary, but Lush were one of the first to campaign against animal testing as well as shun it completely themselves. 

They believe that products should be effective, natural and kind to animals and the planet. That’s why all of their ingredients are smartly sourced so that they are not stripping the planet of resources. I love that their products are feel-good. I love that when I go in Lush and have a big spend-up, I’m also helping toward environmental and animal rights campaigns as Lush is always involved in charity work. I also love that I am getting an all-natural product which is good for my skin and not harmful to the environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use standard products too, but where I can I will switch to a natural alternative as many beauty products on the market have a tonne of synthetic and unnatural additives, which can be harmful to the skin in the long term and can also damage the environment if thrown away because those products don’t break down naturally. 

In light of this, I wanted to try some new alternatives from Lush that I haven’t had before, so I can make more swaps to natural products if I can. 


  • Trichomania solid shampoo bar
  • Ocean salt scrub
  • Lullaby solid Shampoo
  • Maypole soap
  • Honey Bee bath bomb
  • Beautiful shower gel
  • Honey I washed the kids soap
  • Prince shaving cream
  • African paradise body conditioner
  • Butterball bath bomb 
  • Soft coeur massage bar
  • Karma Komba solid shampoo bar
  • Coal face facial soap
  • Love and light hand cream

I also went into Lush a couple of days ago and got “let the good times roll” facial cleanser and “Sultana soap” creamy soap, but forgot to add them into the picture! Oops!

Over the next few weeks, I will be reviewing these products and sharing my honest thoughts on them so that you might be able to make an informed decision next time you visit Lush. 

Keep yours eyes peeled, I’ll see you soon with the first review. 


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