Lush product review

As you saw in my post yesterday, I have aquired a tonne of Lush samples to try out and review. I will have to review them gradually as there are so many, but I’ll try and get round to all of them as fast as possible, then I’ll move onto more products as I get them. 

In my shower this morning, I used 3 of the products in my samples bundle and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on them. So here goes…
I decided to wash my hair with the Trichomania solid shampoo. I have used Lush’s solid shampoos before but this is a new one for me. It smells INCREDIBLE, like a sweet, creamy coconut scent, which made me very excited about using it. I lathered it up in my hands and the lather was very creamy and thick, which is great as you don’t need to use too much. The smell was even better when lathered and it massaged in easily. After rinsing, my hair felt super clean with no residue left behind like you get with conventional shampoos. I finished it off with my usual coconut conditioner and my hair felt so soft and smooth. After drying, my hair was soft, volumised and smelt like a dream. 

Verdict: I love this! I would happily switch my normal shampoo to this little dream bar. It’s not expensive, it’s all natural and it does the job well with superb results. Definitely a huge thumbs up!
I’m used to using standard shower gel to shave, but always struggle with shaving rash and missed hairs which drives me MAD! I’ve never really thought to try a shaving cream if I’m honest, but since I have it, I thought I’d give it a go. The smell of the cream from the pot wasn’t great, so I  was worried I wouldn’t like it, but once it touched water the scent changed to a subtle citrusy smell which I actually really like. The cream itself is really thick but also super light. You only need a little bit to cover the skin ready to shave. I used it on my underarms and my legs and was surprised as how easy the razor glided over my skin and how smooth my skin felt after. It leaves a little bit of moisture behind after you wash it off too so your skin feels really soft and smooth. The only thing I didn’t like was that it clogged up my razor so I had to keep using a cloth to wipe the blades.

Verdict: I loved it! It worked really well and made my skin feel amazing, the only issue was the blade clogging situation but that’s easily overlooked.
I’m not a big soap user. I find soap very drying and because I have dry skin anyway,  they usually don’t agree with me. But this soap promises to be moisturising and kind to skin, so I’m curious! It smells gorgeous, a bit like sweet porridge, and has a really creamy texture. I run it under warm water and rubbed it all over my body before rinsing. I was surprised at how nice it made my skin feel. It didn’t make my skin dry at all, and left a light scent behind. I did still have to put body lotion on as usual, but I could have got away with not using it. 

Verdict: I found a soap I like! It’s really lovely to use, works well and smells great. What’s not to like? 

I will be trying out some of the other products in the coming days so keep an eye out for them. 


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