So many clothes but nothing to wear…

We’ve all been there, you open your wardrobe to find something to wear and are met with tonnes of amazing clothes, yet you cannot for the life of you find something to wear. I’m having that problem today. The problem is, I have loads of great clothes, but hardly anything that actually goes together. I have beautiful tops, tailored trousers, sweet dresses and shoes galore but not much of it actually translates into an outfit that I want to wear. It’s like trying to build a Lego castle with blocks all in different sizes.

It’s days like this that I just want to pull everything out of my wardrobe, organise it into seasonal sections (yes, that’s a thing) and throw out stuff I haven’t worn in ages. Problem is, I have no money to replace anything until payday… and then I’ll have to redo my whole wardrobe. I think the real issue is that I impulse buy a lot of the time. I’ll see something cute and think “I’ll get that, it’s inexpensive and adorable” then I realise upon wearing it that I have nothing that actually goes with it, so I have to buy more stuff to go with it. It’s frustrating in all honesty. The other issue is that I don’t have a set style I aim for. I love to change up my look constantly and that results in a lot of varied styles of clothing from 50’s dresses and heels to grungey shirts and chunky boots. I can never just settle on one style because my mood will decide what style I wear.

SO, to fight this continuous problem of having nothing to wear, I’m going to start buying consciously. I will think about what clothes I already have and if this new item will fit in with the general feel of my wardrobe. If I can’t match an item up with at least 3 items, It’s a no-go, but if I can make an outfit out of it then it’s a good buy. Hopefully that will save me a lot of time and a lot of money…I hope.

For right now, though, I’m going to pull out my wardrobe, and sell the items that no longer belong so I can make room for new, cohesive items that I can get way more wear out of. I will be super sad to see some items go, but it’s for the best, and I have to do it for the greater good. The greater good being that I need space for autumn’s clothes and new stuff…LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!

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3 thoughts on “So many clothes but nothing to wear…

      1. oh and fast fashion. That was the thing I forgot to mention, it might be relevant for you. If you’re ever in London, let me know and we can go to one of my regular swap events

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