Lush product review

I had another little tester of the samples I obtained from Lush last night. I decided to have a relaxing bath so I could give the bath bombs a try and see how they faired along with some other bits too. 

First up, I wanted to try one of the soaps as I’m now a bit keener to try them out after the success of the Sultana soap from my last Lush review post ( which I actually fell in love with.
This soap is terrifying to look at. It’s jet black, kind of grainy and looks… Basically like coal. I suppose the name had to come from somewhere, right? It smells OK, nothing too strong, like a light citrusy scent. It’s a face and body soap so I expected it to be quite gentle on the skin. I added a water and got straight to it, lathering it up and cleansing my face first then moving onto my body. It’s actually really smooth on the skin and leaves a lovely soft feeling after rinsing. Surprising for a soap! I really liked the way it felt and how clean and soft my skin felt afterwards. However, this soap is a white bathrooms worst nightmare! When you lather up, you get a blackish/grey foam which goes literally everywhere. I was finding black sludge all over the bath and the side counter and when I put the soap down, it left a thick black mark where it had been sitting. Not great if you like to keep your bathroom clean and white. Otherwise, it’s a brilliant all round soap!
I’m not a massive fan of bath bombs as I have sensitive skin and find they dry my skin out and leave it feeling quite itchy. With this in mind, I wanted to give this one a try as it promises the mixture of honey, aloe Vera and clay will leave skin smooth and moisturised. My first impressions were good, the scent is really subtle and smells summery. I let it fizzle in my bath until completely dissolved, but it left the water a really scary yellow colour, which was quite off-putting actually. It’s not a summery, bright yellow, but a scary bile yellow colour. That mixed with the black soap all over my bath, it made me think I was in some kind of horror film haha! However, the smell of the bath bomb was lovely and it actually did leave my skin feeling really soft and not sensitive at all. Result! As long as you can tolerate the yellow water and the clay left in the bottom of the bath afterwards, it’s definitely a good buy.
I’m going to be totally honest here. I hated this product. I fully intended to give it a full test run, but the smell was just too much for me and I couldn’t bare to put it anywhere other than my legs because It was making me feel nauseous. The smell is really over-powering with a mixture of strong florals, spices and fruit. I did want to try it anyway so put it on my legs, and it did make my skin incredibly soft, but eventually the smell just got too much and I wiped it off with a face wipe haha! However, it is only my opinion, so you may try it and love the scent, but it was just too much for me unfortunately. 


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