Lush product review

I’ve tried out a few more Lush products in the last few days, and as usual, wanted to share my thoughts.

Ok, I’ll just jump right in!
First up we have Lush Ocean Salt. I need to say straight away that I LOVED this. I love a good body scrub, but tend to find many of them are too slimey and grainy. This one is just great. First of all it smells gorgeous. It’s a mixture of grapefruit and lime with coconut oil so it has a sweet, citrusy scent. The scrub itself works really well too, slaving off dry skin quickly and easily and leaving a light layer of coconut oil behind to keep your skin soft and moisturised. I thought it was just brilliant and I will definitely be investing in it.
Next up I tried the Maypole soap. This smelled lovely and looked like a backwards slice of grapefruit. It was fruity smelling, but very light and yummy. I did find it a little bit drying on my skin, but I tend to find that with most soaps. It worked really well and left my skin feeling clean and fresh, but if you’ve got dry skin steer clear!
Finally, I tested Karma Komba shampoo bar. I have already fallen in love with the Trichomania shampoo bar so I was looking forward to trying this one. It’s very fresh smelling and left my hair feeling really clean, but It also left it a bit lack lustre which is a shame. However, it was very gentle and smelled great so it’s a good buy if you have a sensitive scalp. 


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