No spending September update

As you may have read before, I’m attempting to go a whole month without buying any clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup or beauty products (apart from essentials like shampoo, showergel etc). If you haven’t read that post yet, find it here:

So I’m 10 days in, and I’m actually doing so well! I haven’t bought anything, except a new tangle teezer as mine got stolen with my handbag in Amsterdam and I needed a replacement. That’s fair though, right? It’s essential in my view, so I’m going to let that one slide. But anyway, I have been surprisingly strong and have been managing well. I started a new job this week and change makes me anxious and anxiety usually leads me to going online and spending a fortune on stuff to make me feel better, but not this time! I’ve managed to keep it under wraps and just deal with it using my spotify playlist. Smart huh? 

I’ve rediscovered old makeup products I stopped using during this spending stale-mate too, which is great, because I waste so much makeup because I end up buying something new and just don’t use the old one anymore. I’m not very loyal to makeup, apart from very specific items so this is a great result from this challenge! 

So far so good! But I still have 20 days left and that fills me with dread! If I can carry on the way I’ve started then It’ll be no problem, but the spending itch is strong now and I can tell it’s going to be a struggle in the next few weeks. I think I can do it though… At least I hope I can. 


4 thoughts on “No spending September update

  1. Keep it up, if you manage to do it they full time then I’m sure you won’t really spend that much when you’ve finished. You will slowly being to make changes

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