Everyday heroes

We all have those products that we use everyday, but that never really get the love they deserve. So this post is for the unsung heroes of our beauty drawers, that do the basic things, but without them we would be lost. 

These are my heroes. I use these little beauties pretty much every day, yet I never really talk about them. They deserve a little praise for keeping me looking good (well, semi-decent at least) and being there when I need them most. 

As you can see, I’m pretty into Simple skincare, not just because it’s cheap (though that really helps), but because it does everything I need it to without the long list of complicated scientific words on the back. I don’t want to coat my skin in chemicals or try to fight aging, I just want my skin to be moisturised and healthy. These products do just that. I’ve been buying the cleanser for around 4 years now as it’s just superb at removing makeup and leaves your skin feeling divine. I did swap it for Micellar water for a while but came back to it a few months ago. I used to use the Day cream in a pot everyday but swapped it for this new SPF30 version recently which is fantastic. Just as good, but with the extra benefit of the SPF. The eye cream is just fantastic. I’ve never used another eye cream simply because I’ve never had to. This one does everything I need it to, and it’s a major bargain too! It’s, well, Simple really. No pun intended. 

All hail the Batiste gods! I probably shouldn’t, but I use dry shampoo pretty often, and keep a mini can in my handbag. It’s SO useful when you haven’t had time to wash your hair or you need a bit of lift and volume. Plus It’s super cheap and cheerful, too. 

Finally, my lip miracle. Carmex is just unbeatable when it comes to keeping your lips soft and moisturised. It’s brilliant for chapped lips and wind burn too so it’s a real life saver in the winter months. I use this before going to bed, before I put on lipstick and after taking my makeup off. It’s just brilliant. And even better, they now do a tinted version! *swoon*

What are your everyday heroes? Give them some love! ❤️


9 thoughts on “Everyday heroes

  1. Batiste is like the God of dry shampoos. I use the colored one for blondes and it’s pretty much the only dry shampoo that I’ve tried so far that actually works on me. Love it!!

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