No Spending September is OVER

Finally! It’s over! My month of no spending is finally over and I have a few confessions to make…

As a whole, I did really well at not spending on anything unnecessary. I went out on shopping trips and came back with nothing (which is a miracle in itself!) and I didn’t buy anything online. I did dam well! That was until I found out I was going on a business trip to a very fancy Hotel in Scotland, and I had to invest in a couple of new outfits to fit the dress code at the hotel. In my defence, I didn’t really have much choice in this case so I ended up going out a few days before the end of September and getting a few bits. HOWEVER, I didn’t buy anything outside of those necessary items. I avoided other stores and went home straight after getting my work outfits. Pretty good, right? I did feel terrible for buying things though 🙈 

Otherwise, it was a great month and I learned a lot about my spending habits. I realised that I don’t need to spend so much on material things, and that a lot of the time I spend because I’m bored or just for the sake of it. Now I have a new job and my office is situated away from retail shops, I feel I will be much easier to avoid spending for the sake of it. I also feel this experience has made me realise that I don’t HAVE to buy something every time I go shopping. It can be just as rewarding to walk away with nothing.

I’m really glad I did this challenge and learned from it. It was hard, but I conquered my spending monster and I’m proud of myself. 

Now onto October, my birthday month, and Autumn. Prepare for new Autumn products, a lookbook coming your way and favourite products of the season. 


3 thoughts on “No Spending September is OVER

  1. glad someone is into fashion like me. however i think fashion can be related to peoples personality…my upcoming blog will be a example… hope you follow me and I’m definitely promoting your blog to my fashion diva friends!

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