Benefit They’re Real! Push up Eyeliner review

There has been very mixed reviews on this eyeliner, some say it’s hard to use and clumpy, others say it’s precise and brilliant! So, I had to try it myself to figure out what camp I fall into. Picking this up from Boots was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I was actually after my favourite Smashbox liner pen, but they were sold out and the lady from the Benefit counter caught wind that I was after an eyeliner and swooped in, good girl!  She directed me toward this new eyeliner and I protested at first, letting the negative  feedback I’d heard guide me, but she assured me it’s easy to use and lasts all day. PLUS, they had a limited offer giving you the mascara and remover free with the liner. SOLD. 

So I took it home, excited at the prospect of having a new eyeliner to try. I couldn’t wait, so I gave it a go straight away. 

What do Benefit say about this new product? 

This matte black gel formula is waterproof and won’t smudge, budge or dry out for 24 hours*. The innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner…the closer the line, the bigger the eye!

Let’s start with the packaging. It’s very nice, smooth, classy and easy to hold which is great. The nib inside the eyeliner is a rubber slanted nip with a long cut out in the middle where the product emerges. Very different to any eyeliner I’ve ever used! It’s looks like it could make a good line. 

Upon twisting the bottom, the black gel liner started to come out of the pen, ready to be worn. This was difficult as one click too many, and you’re left with excess product and a really messy, clumpy line. However, not enough, and your line comes out inconsistent and “bitty”. I found I could use too many clicks, wipe away the excess then use it for best results, but that is such a waste of product!! Also, application is difficult unless you’ve spent a long time practising with this. The rubber nip is shaped to run product in a perfect line across the lash line, but who’s eyes are perfectly straight? NOONES! You have to almost contort your wrist to get a good angle for application, then be super steady keeping the line as close to the lashes as possible. So much effort. 

Another issue I had was the the line itself. Once you’ve nailed the way the applicator works (it took me 5 attempts and I still struggle!) the line is beautiful. It’s jet black, smooth and very long lasting, with no smudging or flaking for a full 12 hours. Tried and tested. However, you cannot get a thin line with this product. It’s near on impossible! The size and width of the nip and the product output per click of the bottom will not allow a thin line to be drawn, so be warned that if you use this, you will get a thick line!

I wore it last night to a party, after applying one eye perfectly, and messing up the other eye twice, I got it nailed. The liner looked fresh, stayed on and didn’t budge. 

So as a whole, the actual product itself is brilliant. The eyeliner formula is amazing, but the the applicator has kind of ruined this for me. It seems a lot of the product gets wasted, there’s a lot of frustration getting it onto your eyes, and for the price I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m glad I tried it for myself, but I don’t think I’ll be buying this again, I’ll stick to my beloved Smashbox liner instead. 


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