Right now I’m loving

I love a good perfume. I invest quite a bit into good perfumes and have a pretty good collection on my vanity table, which varies throughout the year as I get bored of scents, or decide I don’t particularly like them. The ones I don’t use are usually donated to my sisters, mum or my friends. Lucky them, eh?! Currently I’m itching for a new scent for Autumn as my Summer one now feels out of place. 

Now I saw one of my favourite Vloggers raving about this roll on perfume she saw on her trip to America called “Clean”. I was curious, as usual, so I looked them up and was amazed to find a whole range of fragrances all based around a “clean” scent. That was me hooked. I couldn’t find a good UK stockist so I went onto EBay and sure enough, someone was selling a pack of 5 mini roll on Perfumes! SCORE! I bought them, and my word, I’m glad I did!! 

I have become obsessed almost overnight. Every single scent in this little set is GORGEOUS. All of them smell very fresh and clean (funnily enough) but they have individual scents. My favourite currently is the Warm Cotton, which smells like just washed towels that have just come out of the tumble dryer. AH-mazing. The other scents included are Skin, Cool Cotton, Air and  white woods. They all smell so amazing, Amd can be layered together to make even more scents! The application with a roller ball is easy and quick and the scent lasts all day. It’s like wearing new clothes all day long. B-e-a-utiful!


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