Smashbox Shape Matters palette

I love a good palette. You get all you need to create a great look in one handy little case. Brilliant. BUT, there’s Palettes, then there’s this new beauty I just treated myself to. 

Smashbox are renowned for making exceptional quality makeup, with their photo ready primer and their waterproof eyeliner both on countless lists of wonder products across various magazines and blogs. I use their 24 hour waterproof liquid eyeliner and ADORE it! It’s my favourite in the way of liquid eyeliners, hands down. 

Now, this palette was actually released last Christmas as a limited edition item, and was so popular that they decided to re-release it this year, HAPPY DAYS! In a nutshell, it is a contour palette but it also offers much more in the way of 9 super wearable eyeshadows, eyebrow wax and powder, a bronzer, 2 highlighters and a contouring powder, all with a gorgeous quality brush. Boots had a great offer giving the palette away for half price on release week, so how could I say no? 

So I obviously tried it out already and gave its little road test, and I’m SO impressed. The contour powder is just the right tone to use on my skin, without being OTT and muddy looking which I find happens a lot with contour powders. I brushed it on with my Real Techniques contour brush, and it blends beautiful as it’s a very creamy textured powder. The bronzer is much the same In texture but is a warmer, brighter shade, giving just enough warmth without being orange. Result! But my favourite part of the contouring is the highlighters. There’s 2 to choose from, 1 is a very pretty shimmer highlighter (great for strobing) and the other is an extremely light, delicate highlighter with only the tiniest bit of shimmer to it. It’s amazing for daytime contouring as it’s so natural looking and just adds a little freshness to the skin. I love it! 


Next, we have the eyeshadows. There’s 9 in all, 5 matte shades and 4 shimmers. They’re all complimentary to most skin tones, and all of them specially picked for Autumn/winter. The contour shadows at the bottom are solid, blendable shades used for the eye crease and they double as an eyeliner if you add a little bit of water on a liner brush. I used the gold shimmer, nude matte and brown matte on Saturday night and it looked great. They were so easy to blend and lasted all night with no issues. I swatched the others to show the colour payoff and lovely texture, and I will be using them soon. 

Finally the eyebrow kit. My eyebrows are very dark so I used the darkest shade. You use the brush in the wax first, then dab onto the powder you like, and apply as normal. The colour payoff is great and the wax holds your brows really well! I really liked it! It’s kind of like Benefit brow zing but a bit warmer in tone. 

I used this palette last night for a night out, and fell in love! I will probably end up using this most days now, just because it has everything I need in one place. If you want to make a good investment, I recommend it. 


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