Volumising products

I constantly struggle to get volume in my hair, mainly because it’s not the thickest hair ever, but also because I hate the feeling of product in my hair. There’s nothing worse than touching your hair and feeling crispy, flaky hairspray or that chalky sensation you get from boosting powders. Yuck. So it leaves me with lank, boring hair day after day… Until now.

I absolutely LOVE getting my hair cut and the whole salon experience because you walk out with bouncy, beautiful hair. However, that is usually short lived because the blow dry can only do so much. So this time, I asked my hairdresser what I can do to get volume without having to contort to blow dry my hair the way he does. So he introduced me to 2 new products from Matrix, a brand very popular among salons across the country, and renowned for great products. He pulled out a moose first, and I nearly fell off my chair because I’ve not had the best experience with moose in the past, usually ending up with a sticky, yucky mess instead of a hairstyle. But, I do trust him, so I let him put it in my hair, which was this followed by a root spray with a direct nozzle allowing you to spray precisely onto the root once you’ve sectioned your hair out. Pretty snazzy, plus is smells AMAZING! He then rough dried my hair like I would at home and asked me to have a feel, and I kid you not, I couldn’t feel any product at all but my hair was big and bouncy and beautiful! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!? So I decided to buy them…

They were actually very reasonable at £9.95 for the moose, and £10.96 for the spray but they’re huge bottles so will last ages, especially on my shoulder length hair. But, it’s all well and good them working in the salon, how about at home? Well, I washed my hair last night and used both products myself and my hair came out pretty much the same as it did at the salon, and better yet, it was the same when I woke up this morning!! My volume woes are over and I couldn’t be happier! 


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