Marc Jacobs Decadence eau de parfum

First of all, apologies for the huge gap in my posts, I have been a bit lazy with writing recently. Well I say lazy, more so that I had my birthday, my best friends birthday and a week of being ill to contend with so haven’t really had much time to just sit and write. However, I’m in the swing of things and here with another post.

So, perfume is a huge thing for me. I absolutely LOVE fragrance, not only because it makes me smell nice, but because it emotes a feeling and can really change my mood. However, I really struggle finding fragrances that suit me. I have very acidic skin which can make a lot of perfumes smell bloody awful on me, especially floral scents. I have tried hundreds of frangrances over the years, which smell incredible on a card, and on other people, but horrendous on me. So when I find a fragrance that works on me, I have to have it! 

I decided to look for an autumn/winter fragrance as I feel my normal day-to-day Elie Saab perfume is a bit too light and summery for this time of year. I want something more warm, mysterious and intense for the colder months. I happened to stumble upon this new Marc Jacons scent in Boots while looking through their range of perfumes, as the lady at the counter pointed out its the newest release. She gave me a quick spritz and let it settle, and to my surprise, it’s smelled incredible on my skin. HALLELUJAH!

So this amazing perfume, dressed beautifully in a suedette covered box (fancy, no?) is the newest drop from Marc Jacobs, and has been turning heads everywhere it seems. I have seen it in magazines galore and advertised at bus stops and in shop windows. Boots says: 

The fragrance instantly captivates with succulent Italian Plum, rich Bulgarian Rose and sensual Liquid Amber, to give you a signature of pure indulgence.

Not wrong. The whole perfume screams it’s name, Decadence, from the fancy packaging to the unbelievable beautiful bottle, and the sensual fragrance itself. Not only is it a wonderful scent, but it lasts too, a sure sign of a good quality perfume. I applied this at approx 1pm today with no top-up and can still smell it now. Pretty amazing staying power if you ask me! It’s sophisticated, sweet and warm, everything a winter frangrance should be, and it looks incredible on your vanity table! A real winner In my opinion. 


I’ve had countless compliments while wearing this gorgeous fragrance, from friends, family and even complete strangers. One lady actually stopped in the street as she walked past just to ask what perfume I was wearing. It will obviously smell different on each person depending on your skin, but on me it is sweet and smooth, like a sweet shop for adults. I totally recommend going to your local stockist and giving it a go. 


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