Nude lipsticks

Autumn is usually the time of year where more is definitely more, and dark berry lips and smokey eyes are all over the place. However, I have been steering more toward nudes recently. I’m really enjoying the “barely there” look, with dewy skin, a light flush and nude lips. 

So, in light of my new Nude obsession, I thought I’d share some great nude lipsticks. 

There are different kinds of “nude” lipsticks, from pink hues to a more brown tones, which all have different effects on different skin tones. I’m fair skinned with olive undertones so I tend to go for a more pink toned lip, to keep my complexion looking healthy. So let’s have a look at the lipsticks I’ve chosen.
Chanel Rouge coco shine lipstick in shade 54 BOY – this beautiful lipstick is a dream to wear as it’s super light, moisturising and has a beautiful sheen without all the glitter. It only has a hint of colour, but it’s just enough to give your complexion a lift.

MAC lipstick in TWIG – this is a more intense shade, with rosey brown undertones. It’s highly pigmented so gives an intense colour payout, but still falls into the nude category due to its natural hue. This one is great if you prefer a solid colour but want to tone it down. 

Bourjois rouge edition Velvet in shade 07 – I was unsure of this one at first because I’d not heard great reviews, but I always prefer to make up my own mind, and I LOVE it. It’s smooth, creamy and very light  on the lips, and creates a beautiful velvety finish with a great colour payout. This shade has a pink base, which gives fair skins a real lift. 

Kate Moss for Rimmel in 45 – the newest Kate Moss release, this nude lipstick is cheap and cheerful, but it doesn’t show. It’s creamy, moisturising and smells gorgeous! This shade is the darker of the 4 shades available, and is a beautiful rose-brown shade. The colour is semi-sheer and has a light sheen which looks lovely.

MAC cremesheen in MODESTY – a light, slightly sheer nude with light pink look. Great on darker skin tones, but not so much for fair skins, unless you are wearing a bit of bronzer and maybe a smokey eye to balance it out. 

Kate Moss for Rimmel in 42 – the second lightest shade from the collection, this one is more pink with a lighter look on the lips. Suited to fairer skin tones and those looking for something a bit more “natural”. This one is the closest to typical “lip colour” I could find, and it’s great to just slick on and go.

So why not give nudes a go this Autumn/winter, and enjoy naked beauty 😊


4 thoughts on “Nude lipsticks

  1. I don’t care for nude ipsticks but if I do go muted, I go for browns The only nude lipstick that I have is a Revlon lipbutter in pink truffle. It’s a gorgeous pinky brown shade that I layer on for serious colour but it;s still fairly natural looking. I recommend it

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