YSL Touché Éclat review

It was my birthday a few weeks back, and I entered my late twenties. YIKES! But, for my birthday, two of my beautiful friends got me a very special gift in the form of a limited edition YSL Touché Éclat gift set with a mini Volume faux lash effect mascara. How amazing are they?! I’ve wanted to get this for so long but just never got round to it, so for them to get me it as a gift was extremely sweet.

So lets take a look at this lovely little set.

 It came in a gorgeous YSL bag with ribbon handles, which give me chills because it’s just so beautiful, and it prepares you for the luxury awaiting inside.

 The set comes in a beautiful red presentation box with a glittery YSL motif on the front. It look very glamorous and luxurious, much like the product encased in it. I think packaging is actually very important to a beauty product, as it says a lot about the quality of the product you are about to use, and this packaging assures me the product inside is every bit as beautiful as the box.

Inside, there is a velvety lined case containing the Touche Eclat tube in all it’s golden glory, and the mini mascara. Its presented beautifully, but I honestly cannot wait to get them out and try them!!
First, I’ll start off with the Touche Eclat. There is a common misconception that this is a concealer for hiding dark circles, but that is actually incorrect. This product is an illuminator, providing “light” to the darker areas of the face like under eyes, around the nose and under the bottom lip. The smooth, creamy texture of the illuminator allows it to glide over the skin effortlessly with no tide marks, settling in lines or dragging. The formula itself is slightly tinted with a light pinky/nude colour, mainly to disguise it on the skin. It actually now comes in different shades for all skintones too, which is great! It shouldn’t be directly applied over dark circles, but more almost under them. After a couple of clicks of the gold tube, I dotted the luxurious little brush under my dark circles leaving tiny little “bobbles” of product ready to be blended. I didn’t use a brush for this as I believe highlighters and concealers work better using just fingers. I patted it on lightly with my ring finger (as you tend to be a bit more delicate with your ring finger) and smoothed out at the edge of my eyes. By applying slightly under the actual dark circle, light is diffused away from them, giving the illusion that they were never there! Its a miracle! BUT, not only does it work wonders at disguising dark circles and shadows, it also works wonderfully as a highlighter across cheekbones and the brow brown, and even down the centre of the nose. The light reflecting particles deflect light beautifully, leaving you with a gorgeous, natural looking highlight. Healthy, dewy skin in a click. Now I know why there is such a cult following of this product!Now, the mascara. I’m VERY picky with mascaras, as I like to have light, fluttery lashes with next to no weight. Clumps are a huge no, and if it starts to smudge or crumble during wear, it’s a goner. Not that I’m harsh on mascaras or anything… haha. So, I gave this one a go with high hopes after using the Touché Éclat, and I have to say I was impressed with it. Its only a miniature version so you don’t get the full size brush, but I loved the mascara in general. The formula was smooth, non drying and very light on my lashes giving me that fluttery natural effect but with a dramatic look. Its more of a daytime mascara as there isn’t much POW effect with it, even after a few coats. It did make my lashes look longer and darker, but I can’t say they looked much fuller or more volumised. Its would be lovely to have for every day, but I think I would look elsewhere for a more dramatic evening mascara.

I’m fully a fan of this little set and think it would make the perfect Christmas gift for any beauty lover. Treat someone special, or even treat yourself!







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