Skull Candy ‘Knockout’ headphones

I need to share these GORGEOUS headphones! I wear headphones a lot, not just on my way to and from work to block out the noise of the train, but also at work when listening to videos and while recording. So, having a pair of comfortable headphones with great sound quality is important, and if style can be incorporated then I give massive brownie points. However, I struggle to get on-ear headphones that don’t look huge on my head or weigh a bloody tonne… Until now. 

Meet the Skull Candy ‘Knockout’ on-ear headphones for women. These beautiful headphones have been carefully designed by the experts at Skull Candy to specifically benefit women. Studies show that women are more sensitive to frequencies than men, and therefore hear music slightly differently. These headphones have been designed to ensure we get the best sound with the ultimate comfort to boot. The ear pads are made from memory foam with a leatherette cover and the instantly recognisable Skull Candy emblem. The ear pads themselves are much smaller and daintier than others seen on the market too, to be more comfortable on smaller female ears, and also to look nicer than those huge head huggers we see everywhere! The frame itself is extremely light and durable, making them ultra comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and not clunky while you wear them round your neck. And, of course, design is very important! These beautiful headphones have a burgundy leather headband with a stunning floral design on the ear pieces. Function and style? Yes please!

Opening the box, I fell I love instantly! The headphones themselves are just gorgeous! The floral design is just amazing and gives them a real feminine feel. I love the contrast of the burgundy headband with the floral ear pieces and bright pink wires. It’s just so stylish! Then there’s the carry bag they come in…

This stylish little bag holds the folded headphones neatly with plenty of space to carry your phone, keys and money in too, so you can use it as a clutch bag of you want to. Very handy! Even with the headphones inside, it is extremely lightweight and compact, great to throw into your handbag during the day. When you want to use them, just pull them out, unfold the ear pieces and on they go. Easy-peasy!

So, how good are they? Well I have given them a good test with different genres of music ranging from classical, to pop, to heavy metal and they sounded amazing! The volume is just right and the sound has a full range of crisp highs and basey lows. I had no issues with sound leakage either. I turned them up high and played music and asked if anyone could hear the music, to which they said “nothing”, but I had to take them off to hear them as the noise cancellation on these babies is just that good! The ear pieces are incredibly comfortable and the lightweight design means they down weigh down on my head or cause the dreaded slipping off the ears. The sizing is just perfect for me, giving my ears just enough coverage, while still looking really stylish. I absolutely adore them, and I’m so glad I got them! I feel RRP of £79.99 is a bit steep, but if you search around, like I did, you can find them at a much cheaper price. 

If you want great quality sound, comfort and style all wrapped up in one, I fully recommend these! 


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