NARS Audacious Lipstick

Being a huge fan of a red lip, and of lipstick in general, I was so super excited to see this little gem. Not only is it a beautiful deep red shade, which I love, but it also shares my name! Fate, right? 

NARS Audacious Lipstick in “Charlotte”

 I first spotted this at the NARS pop up at Stylist Live. I was very tempted, but decided against it on the day. However, Asos then did a deal with 30% off NARS, so I went for it! When I recieved it, the packaging got me so excited as it’s very sleek, simple and just great quality. 

The lipstick itself is a beautiful deep blue/red shade with a hint of pink. The colour pay off is incredible too, with one slick giving a bold, solid hit of colour and a subtle shine. 

 I wore this lipstick for a night out last night to put it to the test, and absolutely loved the colour once it was on. It’s dark, bold and oh-so glamorous, and the blue undertones also whiten teeth. I loved it. I only put on one coat with a nude lipliner to give it a real test, and was surprised after 2 drinks and 3 hours, it was still going strong with minimal fading and no threading at the edges. It was still comfortable, I didn’t have dry lips and it still looked fresh. I did have to reapply after a few hours as the middle of my lips had faded due to drinking. Otherwise I was fully impressed with the staying power and wearability of this lipstick, and would love to try some other shades in the future. It is quite pricey (RRP £24), but this lipstick will last a long time due to its staying power so it’s really worth the extra money. 


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