Real Techniques beauty blender review

I’m very late to the beauty blender bandwagon, for the simple reason that I’ve never liked makeup sponges. I did get a cheap Primark version but hated it, so steered away from them for a while. But, I decided I should probably try one again since everyone raves about them. I had a huuuuge range of choice from several different brands, but settled on the Real Techniques option as I use their brushes and ADORE them, so I like to stick to what I know. 


So this option is a bit different to the others on the market, in that it has a varied shape. It has the normal pointed end much like the other blenders, but also has a flat side with a squared edge. This gives it the upper hand as it works for every contour of your face.

But is it any good? HELL YES IT IS!! I have fallen head over heels for this blender, and I want to shout it from the rooftops. It’s soft, easy to use and creates a flawless finish in literal seconds. The pointed end is superb at blending concealer under your eyes and around your nose, and the flat side is brilliant for all over blending. I dot foundation over my face and blend using the flat side, and dab into the sides on my nose and crease of my chin with the squared edge and use the pointed end to dab on concealer to controlled areas. It creates a smooth, flawless finish with no fuss. It’s now completely replaced my foundation brush! If you haven’t tried it yet, I fully recommend it! 


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