NYX velvet lip creme review

I have seen people talking about the NYX velvet creme lipstick, and have heard mixed reviews. In the name of curiosity, I wanted to try them for myself… 

 Boot’s now stock NYX cosmetics which is great for me since I spend so much time and money in Boots already! Just another thing to add to my mounting shopping basket. 

These lip cremes come in a wide variety of shades ranging from the lightest pinks to an almost black plum shade. I decided to get 3 shades, mainly because a lot of the ones I liked were sold out (😫 was my exact reaction) and decided on two nude shades called  “Cannes” and “Stockholm”, and a deep berry red called “Coppenhagen”. 

So first things first, the packaging. The tubes are a good size, and very handbag friendly. They are also see through so you can see exactly how much product is in there, which I really like! The wand is shaped really well for easy application and it gives a smooth coat of colour very easily. So far, so good. 

The product itself smells like vanilla which is amazing, and feels so silky and smooth on application, leaving a velvety, soft feeling on the lips. I struggle with dry lips and thought they would make this worse like most matte lipsticks, but to my surprise, this formula is ultra moisturising! It feels so comfortable and soft, and really wears well even after a few hours. I feel a holy grail product coming on…

But what about the longevity? Well, I wore the Stockholm shade on a night out last night, and put it on as I left the house at 7pm, and didn’t retouch it even once through the night and it was still intact at 1am. I am lost for words. It still felt comfortable, had no fraying at the edges and it looked pretty fresh! I tested the Cannes shade today and experienced the same long wear and comfort, which is amazing. However, there is a downside. The nude shades were absolutely beautiful and wore amazingly, but the same sadly cannot be said for the Coppenhagen shade.  The darker shade felt a bit lumpy and not as pigmented as the others. I found when I applied it, it kind of clumped around the lines in my lip and didn’t give an even costing of colour. I tried applying a few costs, but the more I put it on, the more the applicator took off, leaving an uneven tide mark across my lip. Not ideal. 

In a nutshell, I LOVE the NYX lip cremes in the nude shades and will 100% be buying some more shades, but I think I’ll steer clear of the dark shades in future. 


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