Great Christmas gifts for her

It’s surprising how hard it is to pick a great Christmas gift for the women in your life, especially if there’s a huge age range to contend with. If you have a family of mainly females ranging from 12 months-83 years then I feel your pain! So here’s a few gift ideas for ladies that deserve a treat!

Mauli Himalyan Healing bath salts£39

These amazing salts are used to relax, heal and calm the body and mind. Full of essential oils and Rose Quartz, these gorgeous salts will make even the most stressed of people feel relaxed and ease them into a good nights sleep.

Hourglass Ambient light limited edition Palette£65

This is the ultimate Christmas gift for any beauty lover! It’s a beautiful gold palette with 6 bestselling Hourglass powders included. There’s 2 glowy blushes, 1 bronzer and 3 radiance powders. It’s on my list for sure!

Bean Burst coffee scrub set£28

Everyone wants beautiful skin, right? Well these coffee scrubs are the one stop way to achieve glowing, soft, healthy skin. It’s a body and face scrub made from coffee beans and essential oils, with some yummy fragrances. It soothes your senses while trowling away dead skin and leaving a fine, velvety oil on the skin which keeps your skin beautifully moisturised. A guaranteed hit!

YSL rouge pur couture Kiss & Love Christmas edition lipstick – £26

We all love a red lipstick, that’s obvious. But what about a beautiful limited edition Christmas lipstick with kisses carved into the stick itself?! Yes please!! Gooorgeous colour, beautiful packaging and a real delight to open.


Chilly Bottle£14.99

These bottles are GENIUS! They guarantee to keep cold drinks cold and fresh for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 18 hours. Pretty dam amazing, and a must for any busy woman on the go, as well as coffee lovers. This nifty little bottle is just big enough to fit a full cup of coffee in and pop into your handbag, and the outside doesn’t get hot or cold thanks to the double vacuum walls. AMAZING.


Rechargeable iPhone case £9.99

Any girl that loves a selfie will love this. We all know that feeling when we go out for a night out, take a few group snaps and food shots, and then your battery starts flagging. It’s a nightmare. BUT, no more! This super case will not only protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes, but also carries one full charge, so when your battery starts to dwindle, push the button and your phone will fully charge again.


Estella Bartlett Charm necklace£18

I’m a huge fan of cute little necklaces with adorable charms. If you know someone similar, look no further than Estella Bartlett jewellery. Her necklaces are superb quality and soooo cute! Choose anything from flowers, mythical creatures, boats and animals to geometric shapes and lockets. You’ll want to buy them all, trust me!


Clean Cool Cotton eau de parfum£33

Everyone loves the smell of clean, just washed cotton sheets, right? Well what if you could take that fresh scent and wear it as a perfume? That’s exactly what the makers of Clean have done. This gorgeous perfume is fresh, clean and long lasting with a very calming feel. I have the roll on version and adore it!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation£29.50

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know how much I have raved about this amazing foundation. It’s genuinely the best foundation I have EVER used, and I would be more than happy to buy this for anyone as a gift. It’s pricey, but so worth it, and the person you give it to will love you for it!


Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer dressing gown £49.50

Lets face it, we rarely wear a full outfit at home. I, like most women, come home and put on my pj’s or dressing gown almost immediately, especially in the winter. So having a dressing gown that looks as good as it feels is very important. This beauty has a gorgeous silk floral outer and super soft fluffy lining ensuring the wearer will be super cosy, while still looking effortlessly elegant.


Skull Candy Knockout headphones£79.99

Any music or series lover will adore these headphones, not only for their amazing sound quality and superior comfort, but also because they look INCREDIBLE. They are so stylish, really dainty and are made especially for women. Give the gift of beautiful sound, and they will thank you for it. And check out all the amazing colour options while you’re there!





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