Adorable jewellery alert! 

I went to a lovely Christmas fair at the weekend where they had hundreds of stalls selling gifts, food, wine, clothing, handmade goodies and fabulous jewellery. One stall really caught my eye as I walked through, and that was the “Momento For You” stall. 

I love a cute, dainty jewellery piece, and finding a designer who does them is like a godsend! As you’re probably aware, I’m a big fan of Estella Bartlett jewellery as her pieces are small, cute and great quality. Now, I had never heard of Momento For You until I saw this stall and was instantly overjoyed to see tiny little rings with super cute charms and detailing. One grabbed my attention straight away, a Stirling silver fox ring. It’s super dainty and cute and got absolutely perfectly, so I had to have it!! The price was good, and the quality is amazing. 


I’m so impressed with my new purchase that I’m now looking at the other styles on the website and I’m looking into getting a few more pieces. 

If you’re still stuck for a Christmas gift, I recommend giving the gift of adorable jewellery! 


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