My current drug store favourites

You’re now probably well aware that I love a visit to Boots more than any normal person should, and that I love a good bargain.

So, here’s my current favourites all from Boots and under £10! I’ve been using these items constantly recently, and love them so much I actually favour them over some of my higher end products. GO DRUG STORE BRANDS!! 


Jergens Daily Moisture lotion

Now it’s getting cold, my skin needs a little extra help in the hydration department, and this stuff does the trick. It’s smooth, ultra moisturising and doesn’t have an overpowering scent so it’s great for use every day. I love it! 

Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara 

I actually rediscovered this on a recent trip to Boots as I was looking for a new everyday mascara and couldn’t quite decide which I wanted. I walked past the Max Factor counter and saw the Masterpiece a Max was on special offer. I remember getting this when it was first released and absolutely loving it, and I couldn’t remember why I changed… Boredom maybe? So I repurchased it, and I’m so glad I did because it’s incredible! It makes lashes look longer, fuller and beautifully fluttery and doesn’t smudge off, even In that horrid misty rain we’ve been having. Amazing buy!

Bourjois rouge edition velvet in 07 

I’ve been having a bit of a moment with liquid lipsticks at the moment and just ADORE this one. Not only is the shade ultra flattering and oh-so pretty, but it’s also really comfortable to wear and works almost like a stain to give you long lasting colour.

NYX liquid matte lipstick in Stockholme

Another matte liquid lipstick, I know! I love it for the same reason as the Bourjois one, but this one has a really individual, beautiful nude shade that works SO WELL for the daytime and really brightens the complexion. I love it.

Essie nail lacquer in Tea & Crumpets and Nice is Nice 

Essie nail varnishes are my all time favourites anyway, but how cute are these colours?! I love the jux-to-position of cute neutral pastel shades in the winter.

Maybelline dream touch blush in 06  

You know how winter makes your skin look really washed out and dreary? This little gem sorts that right out. It’s a creamy mousse formula allowing for easy blending and a smooth transfer onto the skin. The colour is just right to add a rosey wash of colour to the cheeks, giving that healthy glow with so much ease! I literally use it everyday! 


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