Rimmel ‘The Only One” lipstick review

It’s pretty dam obvious that I have WAY too many lipsticks… Further evidenced by having a clear out, giving 8 lipsticks away and still having a drawer full of them. So when a new lipstick comes on the market claiming to be able to do it all, I have to have it. I have this little lipstick demon on my shoulder that needs more lipsticks to be sated, but what if one lipstick really could do it all and make my other lipsticks seem redundant? Well, it’s time to find out if it’s true…

Cue Rimmels “The Only One” lipstick, claiming to have 5 amazing qualities in one little tube. Rimmel says:

Rimmel London The Only One Lipstick, a no compromise all-in-one lipstick. For long-lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear.

The perfect balance of high impact colour, moisture, all day comfort and staying power. Slanted lipstick bullet for an effortless application.

Well, I bought this lipstick with extremely high hopes after seeing it in the magazines, online and in review videos claiming it was AMAZING, and was so excited to try this glorious true red shade. I was ready to have a fiery, long lasting, comfortable red lip all night, but what I got was actually very different.

I wore this for the first time at my work Christmas party and, honestly, actually kind of hated it. Sad, right?! 

Let’s start with the actual product. The tube itself feels cheap and plasticy and I found it pretty hard to open, which is not ideal when you’re standing in the loo’s touching up. Secondly, the lipstick is flat topped with just a slight slant which doesn’t allow precise application unless you use a lip brush. If applied straight from the tube, the wide stick gets lipstick EVERYWHERE, leaving you having to wipe off excess around your lips with a wipe, not sexy. I also had an issue with the formula. The colour payoff was great, a really strong red, but the longevity was absolutely pants. I put it on in the office, walked to the restaraunt, had one drink and had to reapply because it had pretty much all come off on the glass and I was left with just a line of red around the edge of my lips. This continued all night, with a total of 7 (!!!) reapplications throughout the night until I finally gave up and wiped it off. And worse still, every time I did reapply, it managed to work its way onto my teeth even after I had done the finger trick. Very sloppy. Granted, it was very moisturising and comfortable to wear, but for the amount of effort it took to wear it, I really don’t think it’s worth it.

I’m pretty gutted it didn’t work out with this one because I was so sure it would be great, but alas, not for me. It is very cheap for a lipstick at only £6.99 but I feel in my own heart that it’s not worth the money and I will stick to my Avon red lipstick in future. 


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