Rodial Glamstick lip balm review

Another lip product, I know, I have a serious problem. However, this time it’s a tinted balm instead of a full colour lipstick. That makes it acceptable, right? 

So, in today’s post I’m looking at the Rodial Glamstick tinted lipbalm in colour LUST.  

 What does Rodial say? 

An irresistible tinted lip butter. Instant hydration and beautifully coloured lips which is infused with cocoa butter, providing gorgeous colour, whilst hydrating and protecting.

Rodial’s glamstick LUST is a nourishing tinted lip butter enriched with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter to hydrate and protect. Infused with a light coconut flavour for beautifully scented lips with an irresistible sheen.

Now these lip butters are not cheap, retailing at around £25 a piece, however u got mine on eBay for just £8 so I do advise shopping around for a discount. Stylist magazine gave it the thumbs up on their list of the best lip balms and countless other fans have raved about these little moisturising beauties. So, why not?

I just the shade Lust for its nude/pink hue. I’m looking for a superb nude lipbalm to wear daily during the winter months as I tend to get really dry lips, and that’s not a good look! I usually go for a lip balm with a lipstick over the top but if I can kill two birds with one stone, why not? 

First of all, let’s look at the packaging. The tube is gorgeous! It’s a clear, solid plastic long cube that looks almost like ice. Very pretty. Then the product itself twists up with ease and you are instantly greeted with a gorgeous coconut scent. I put it on straight away as the excitement was just too much, and the colour is BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a sparkly nude/pink with just a touch of gloss giving it a really beautiful sheen. 

It looks like your lips but better, and the smell, my god the smell is just incredible. It’s tough not to just lick it all off because it smells so delicious!! I wore this yesterday for a trip to a Christmas market and it lasted really well and kept my lips intensely moisturised for hours. This could be the holy grail of all tinted lip balms, and I’m now on the look out for more colours. RODIAL, THANK YOU!! 


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